• A computer anyone can make. With simple steps and a storybook, build your own computer and bring it to life. For ages 6-106.
  • With playful projects and challenges you’ll learn to code art, music, apps, games and more.
  • Includes everything you need. Raspberry Pi 3, case, speaker, wireless keyboard, memory, HDMI and power cables, coding challenges, and stickers!
  • Connect to any HDMI screen, or buy the Kano Screen Kit.
  • Award-winning (Family Choice Award, Webby Award, Red Dot Award, Cannes Gold Lions).

Many have tried and failed to develop a winning educational computer for kids. Kano cracks the nut, and does so in a genius fashion.” – Gadget Lab Staff, WIRED

“For the right child. Kano is a far better $150 present than a cheap tablet that mostly just plays games and movies.” – Geoffrey Fowler, The Wall Street Journal

“It’s like a Computing 101 course in a fun, nifty package. My son’s enduring interest in the lessons were what really sold me on the product.” – Ashlee Vance, Bloomberg Businessweek

The kit contains:
– Raspberry Pi 3, 1.2GHz quad Cortex A53, 1GB RAM
– 8GB micro-SD Card preloaded with the latest Kano OS full of projects and games
– Kano books, illustrated and intuitive
– Wireless Kano Keyboard
– DIY speaker
– Custom case
– Power (US supply) and HDMI cables

A computer anyone can make

The Computer Kit comes with everything you need to make your own computer. A simple story will show you how to build it, bring it to life and start coding . No tools needed, simply plug the parts together, anyone can do it.

The simplest way to start coding

Kano’s unique operating system turns coding into an adventure. Story mode let’s you go on quests and uncover the computer’s secrets. Simple step by step challenges help you learn how to code, by introducing you to programming languages like Javascript and Python.