After listening to the suggestions of clients, we have improve our products and started selling new version from Dec ,2016. It is a practical and beautiful products with Reasonable & compact design.
BACKKTCL provide practical and functional storage sets to clients. 3-Tiered Salt Box is cute, simple and convenient to use. This triple salt box has an easy slide-off top that rotates a full 360-degrees and has enough space to store 3 types of spices and a weighted bottom for better balance. Wide opening allows plenty of room for larger hands or spoons to reach in to grab your favorite seasoning.
No stains or paint are used to create the Double Salt Box’s scrumptious honey shade. This color is created in a very specialized heating process which caramelizes the natural sugar in the wood; it is permanent and will not fade or wash out. Wash with warm water and mild detergent and occasionally wipe with mineral oil (Do not clean in the dishwasher) in order to ensure the finish. Bamboo is the natural alternative for all things wood.
BACKKTCL only provide the highest quality bamboo, harvested at the optimum age of 5 years from our own bamboo forests. There are over 1200 species of bamboo; however, we choose to use moso bamboo for its strength, density and versatility.
A special spoon as a gift for Tea and other seasonings.
The size is 3.75 x 3.75 x 5.9 inches. You can find light and natural smell of bamboo bring your kitchen very comfortable feeling
Friendly Design:
More balanced Structure 
More stronger structure because we have changed the screw into bamboo post
Bigger size 
Complete packing includes: 
Enhanced edition salt box
Wooden spoon

  • Pivoting three dividers storage box holds sea salt, spices and more
  • Made of laminated strips of bamboo, a renewable and tougher resource than wood
  • Designed with weighted base for better balance when open,we have improved the structure and bigger size in order to make it more balanced; at the same time, we changed the screw into bamboo post in order to make it more stronger
  • Keep multiple salts or other seasonings near the stove and ready to use when cooking or baking
  • Conveniently clean with mild soap and water; dry thoroughly; a special spoon as a free gift