Dionea muscipula B52 is one of the largest cultivars with claws that can reach up to 2” in size. Our Venus Fly Traps grow in a gel medium that contains all the necessary nutrients and water to grow and thrive! Once the Fly Trap grows too large for the container (usually takes 4-6 months), you can open the lid, take it out using tweezers, and plant it in carnivorous soil mix. By this time your Venus Flytrap will have divided to over 30 plant clusters while increasing in height and claw size.

Instructions: DO NOT remove the lid until you plan on taking the plant out, or the gel will become contaminated with mold. Set it on a surface avoiding sunlight or strong light with heat (fluorescent or LED is fine, but will cause interior condensation). A darker area “tells” the plants to grow taller, and a brighter area “tells” the plants to green up, broaden the leaves, and increase claw size. Play with these parameters to customize your growth! Enjoy your plant for months, without worrying about maintenance, bugs, or spills! That’s it! Your purchase will include a care guide.

At Bloomify, we use state of the art plant technology to bring you beautiful maintenance free plants.

Damage guarantee: We have a very low damage rate, however occasional rough shipping conditions may cause damage to the plant or gel. Please contact us before leaving negative feedback and we will ship you a replacement.

IMPORTANT! A Note on Winter Weather Shipping***

A heat pack is provided during winter season to prevent weather damage. To prevent the plant from sitting outside in freezing weather, we recommend you ship to a work office, hold for pickup at local USPS, or make sure you are at home for delivery.

  • Baby B52 Venus Fly Trap in blue medium.
  • Free Heat Pack and 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: This product is guaranteed to achieve solid, healthy plants growth. It is back by 100% hassle free replacement or return if not satisfied after 30 days of purchase.
  • Self-sustaining terrarium. No watering, feeding, or sunlight needed.
  • Watch in amazement as your plantlet multiplies to over 30 new plants and grows in size!
  • Bottle size: 2″ in diameter and 3″ high. Made of high quality glass.