• 12 hour AM/ PM clock, flip down minute and hour display;
  • Stylish appearance, retro design, quality of home decoration;
  • High quality : Accurate and Energy-saving quartz movement;
  • Material:304 Stainless steel & Environmental ABS material;
  • Power Source: 1 x D Battery (not included), 8 x 4 x 6.5 inch (W x D x H).

Our flip clock model creation is new and elegant, being enriched with strong sense of eras and modernization.To “Flip clock” as a carrier, the harmony of the East, and Western culture, arts and culture of personality integration, speech unravel the essence of time brewing a unique taste, freehand life.

Unusual for other clocks, this kind of alarm clock indicated the time neither through the pointer, not through the LCD screen, but with a similar sports scoreboard display to show.What’s more, it boasts a “steampunk” design with moving gears and a great sense of mechanical,which are truly works of applied art. Prominently featured in the movie “The Green Lantern”, this modern steel and plastic flip clock measures 6.5″x 8″x 4″ and is powered by only 1xD-Battery.

12 Hour AM/ PM Clock
Flip Down Minute and Hour Display
Gear Operated
Time Adjustment
Power Source: 1 x D Battery (not included)
Dimensions: 165mm x 205mm x 70mm (L x W x H)
PACKING SIZE : 24.5*11.6*22 (CM)

Easy to Use :

You can adjust time only through rotate roulette rotation.This flip clock own a mechanical drive system and equip high quality Quartz movement.More than anything,the quartz movement watch keeps good time.


High Quality Material:

The flip page are made of ABS plastic ,it is environmental, no poison, no smelling ,not fade and and easy to clean.

Main structure is made of non corrosive stainless steel , smooth surface with metal luster,stylish appearance, elegant ,convenient place.

More details:

STEP 1: Prepare for 1x D Battery and turn the battery cover;
STEP 2: Turn the battery cover in the direction of “OFF” , when the two triangles correspond,take it off;
STEP 3: Install the battery ,please note the “+” towards outside;
STEP 4: Turn the battery cover in the direction of “ON” , when the Bar correspond with triangle, battery had been installed;


  1. Check battery for it fits tightly;
  2. In order to improve the reliability and prolong the work time,the battery should be changed every six months.
Clock,a practical work of art, should meet the demands of both function and aesthetic wishes. The retro-futuristic flip clock has the ideal decorative effect.Our products are widely used in office,bedroom, living room, and home & family decoration.
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