• ENJOY SMART COLOR-CHANGING RGB BLUETOOTH BULB! Personalize your lighting with 16+ Million colors plus cool and warm white. It’s Easy: No extra hardware needed, no hubs, no gateways, no Wifi, no bridges – this makes Bluetooth bulbs a superior and cheaper technology compared to WiFi bulbs.
  • SMART MOOD LIGHTING! Change the color to follow your emotion & setting. Add Atmosphere. Just with a finguer tap, you can add peace to your relaxing time, add romance to your romantic dinner or kick start that party. Automate your lighting to support your body’s circadian rhythm. Sync lights to music.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you are not mesmerized with this hi-tech lighting masterpiece and it did not impress you, your significant other or your friend… or it is simply not what you expected – return it for a full refund. No questions asked.
  • SCHEDULE LIGHTING WITH BUILT-IN TIMER Set countdown timers to on/off for individual bulbs or groups. Create Wake-up Timer or Sleep Timer to let your favorite colors wake you up and put you to sleep. During Vacation make it look like someone’s home, even when you’re not.
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Technical details

  • 16+ MILLION COLORS – Personalize your lighting with a color palette of 16+ million colors.
  • WARM & COLD WHITES – Balance your lighting between cold and warm colors.
  • DIMMABLE LED – Dim your lights via app. No need for a dimmer.
  • DISCO LIGHTS – Convert any external sounds or music to the fantastic light show.
  • FAVORITES – Save your favorites colors and set them in one click.
  • BUILT-IN MEMORY – Retains the last color or program mode even if you flip the switch off.
  • CONTROL FROM MULTIPLE DEVICES – You can control the same bulb or group of bulbs from different smart phones.
  • CAMERA – Capture any external color using your device camera, bulb light will change to that color.
  • MOODS – Make you bulb to follow your mood. Pre-programmed Moods.
  • FUNCTIONS – Pick any of 20 preset color-changing modes. Color cycles, fades, strobe, and flash.
  • ALARM/TIMER – Set multiple timers for your lights. You can turn on/off or change its color by schedule. Do it on daily or weekday basis.
  • LUCERO APP – app available for iPhone, iPad, iWatch, Android and Amazon Fire Phones and Tablets. Simply search for “Lucero Smart Bulb” in the App Store and you have the coolest multicolor LED smart light bulbs at your finger tips.

Product description

Style:Smart Bulb 7.5W

Ever wished you had more control over your home lighting?

Meet ? THE SMARTEST ? Bluetooth (BLE) color-changing smartphone-controlled LED bulbs yet! Control your lights, control your moods, kick-start that party or entertain your guests.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“It is quite a conversation piece!”
“My house party turned into a disco club as the lights were changing to music.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“My kids loved it… “
“Imagine your daughter being able to turn her whole room to pink or whatever color she wants with one tap. Best gift ever!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“I turned my Man Cave into Man Heaven!
“Bulbs + LED Strips make perfect combo!”

– From Recent Reviews

No HUB Required: Install -> Download App -> Enjoy

As the best RGBW (red, green, blue, white) color changing app-controlled LED lighting bulb used by lighting experts and smart-tech enthusiasts everywhere, LUCERO SMART BULB can be set to over 16 million colors at the touch of a button, with variable brightness! In addition, the bulbs can effortlessly cycle, smoothly fade, strobe, and flash through every color – offering a complete light show directly from any standard home light bulb outlet.

Endless Possibilities
– Save Your Colors – Built in Memory
– Music Sync & Microphone Sync
– Control by Group (up to 5/group) or Individually (up to 50)
– Timer Mode + Schedule Actions
– Bluetooth Control via iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire or Windows Phone
– Energy Efficient
– Long Lasting
– Easy: No extra hardware, no hubs, no gateways, no Wifi, no bridges
– Moods Library
– Pre-programmed Modes

Money Back Guarantee: if you aren’t thrilled with Lucero smart light bulbs, simply return them to Amazon for a full money back guarantee.

Product information

Style:Smart Bulb 7.5W

Technical Details