• World’s first color picking stylus
  • Capture, create and share for kids and parents
  • Explore the curiosity with colors
  • Compatible devices: iPad 3 and newer, iPad Air and iPad Mini, Android4.3+ with Bluetooth LE Tablet

Mozbii the world’s first color picking stylus. Kids can use Mozbii to explore the world of colors, example red of apple, black of hair. Kids can learn the condition about the object and colors, then draw and create on tablet. Our apps include learning characteristics, drawing, pronunciation, music, then share to friends and family through social networks.

Our apps include learning characteristics that kids need when they grow up, drawing, pronunciation, music etc. After kids finish their works in our app, parents can save them and easily share the paintings through e-mail and social medias to their friends and families.

Capture colors from real world, example kids can find red color from a red apple.
Children can capture the colors from surrounding using Mozbii and create their own line-art paitnting.
Parents can interact with children through teaching color recognition by using Mozbii.