And the feeling of “Welcome back”. It is a nano-block sets the owner of the parent and child and can make Shiba Inu. Mini size blocks of the surprise, of “nanoblock” series, the Shiba Inu is a pretty set. Mini size of one raised dot [nanoblock] 1 that only 4mm, (volume ratio 1/8) is the size of half of the diamond block traditional. In double spring the same structure as the diamond block, assembly feeling GOOD! By that was smaller, I can make small by more realistic. The world is spread varies greatly in magnitude just changed! Doll with owner wearing a T-shirt of [Features] ◆ I LOVE DOG. ◆ It is good to present to people who like dogs. ◆ containers made ​​of PET tube enters.

  • I will tell the various “messages” in mamelog!
  • Set to the feeling of Welcome back, parent and child can make the Shiba Inu.
  • Doll with owner wearing a T-shirt I LOVE DOG.